the unaccomplished poet

by Jiaxin H., 17

The paradox crushed my head between impossibilities
And a peek into eternity, the instant I chose I was bursting
With dreams. Then, swallowing the emetic of reality,
I fidget out the incompetence stuck up my throat, slamming

A single verse feebly into the frame of that elaborate door
Closed on me forevermore—the entrance fee is guts and gore!
Cheap rhymes, they are, but what is art if he pries
At his own creation, clawing desire into dust? Catch—

A pitiful fool, catch—
A twenty two, catch—
A metaphor of mathematical tool, catch—

The unaccomplished poet sitting on a stool, catch—
A death wish and put it in a frame, catch—
A life and put it on a line, break—

The line and set me free.

Beijing, China