the woods

by Aniya T., 15

We belong to the woods
We are the daughters of the universe
Our fathers, the sun
Our mothers, the moon
Follow me into the woods
Step off of the path and sink the heels of your feet into the dirt
We will leave our footprints to let them know we were here
Run away with me to the woods
We will dance with the shadows underneath the moonlight
And our bodies will fall asleep
The sun will wake us in the morning with a kiss on the cheek
Telling us to get up and run a little more
Let’s run deeper into the woods
Sink our bodies into the stream and let our makeup run
Let the fabric of our evening gowns get torn by the branches
Let’s howl with the wolves under the trance of the full moon
We belong in the depths of the woods where we will live
Without a care
Middletown, New Jersey