there are no more refills on your prescription

by Megan F., 16

Here we are
As I brush the blonde hair from your face
And pull down on your bottom lip
Our kind of hello
And I lean in
But you pull away

And there you go
Walking away
And I know why
It’s because

There we were
Watching the light leave each other’s eyes
Because you thought I was gone
The monitor beat “deadman” in morse code
And we said goodbye

Yet there I was
At your door
And the doorbell was a eulogy

Because here we are
Your tears on my hands
All I know is I can’t watch you cry
So I’ll leave, like you
Or turn away

And there I lie
Staring up at the blank white wall
Feeling empty
My cells protest the notion

Then there I go
Sinking into the black sea
Watching your irises paint my sunset
From the east

But there you stand
At my stone
After two goodbyes
This one comes like
The cancer
Slow and lethal

Red Bank, New Jersey