underlying colors

by Micah B., 16

She opened her eyes to an uninviting, yet oddly familiar land.

The path still laid to the left of her, every tree in the same place, shrubs still bunched together. However, the land was dull and grey, like the vision of a colorblind man.

She frantically twirled around to find the rabbit hole had vanished like the other. She sat and wept, lost and confused. Her baby blue dress began to fade to a light grey. Her cheeks no longer rosy pink, her eyes no longer sparkled emerald green. Her skin became a pale, cold white.

The girl had barely noticed the white sun fading behind the ash black trees. She could care less, for still no one was there and nothing seemed alive. Everything laid still and quiet. Only her sobs rung through the air.

She stopped crying, observing the obscure land into which she fell. Her tears dried, face fatigued, and her eyes grew heavy as the last bit of white light disappeared. She curled her body up into the grey grass and closed her eyes, succumbing to the overwhelming wave of tiredness.

Suddenly, soft green light penetrated her eyelids. She blinked her eyes open, then opened wider. Before her, the grass glowed green, tree trunks brown, flowers gleamed a rainbow of colors, and a galaxy shimmered in the sky.

She rubbed her eyes and sat up, disbelieving the reality before her. How marvelous this world was! How beautiful such a dull place could become.
Downingtown, Pennsylvania