by Akarsh K., 11

I am a spooky and scary witch. I live in the middle of Seoul. I look like a normal person, but there is a cauldron in my house and nobody knows. I have never made a potion before, but I wanted to change that. So I went to the store, bought some cleaning supplies, mixed them, and adjusted them with my wand. Now there is a potion. I sprinkled some magic in it, and what it does is this–if I pour this on someone, they will be an inch shorter.

So I went to the streets of Seoul. I poured it on people’s heads and they became shorter. Later though, people started protesting. The police found out a month later. They found me and sentenced me to one week in prison. These protests, known as the Seoul Protests, came all across the world in all languages, from the Korean government to the people of Buenos Aires. I was forced to get rid of the potion and everyone was back to normal.

I need to think of a better potion!

Holmdel, New Jersey