by Emily M., 13

Olly was extremely bored. He could not think of anything to do that would interest him. He decided that he would just start doing whatever came to mind. First, he repeatedly wrote the number 1 and drew lots of boxes. He quickly became bored of that. Then, he decided he would play darts. However, he realized that he threw a hand instead of a dart on the board, which freaked him out. He decided that he would do something else. He wanted to go on a walk with his umbrella, but it wasn’t raining, so that didn’t work out. He then tried reading Astoundingly Awesome Tales, but they weren’t that astoundingly awesome. Next, he walked up the stairs sideways, upside down, and backwards, but he quickly realized that hurt. He also tried eating melted ice cream and squiggling on paper, but he was still bored. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just stay bored then,” Olly said, and went back to doing nothing.