by Alex L., 15

by Aidan K., 15

Slowly fading
Feeling falls from my legs
The moves I worked so hard to perfect
All gone
It started with a blinding light
The screech of metal deafened me
The pedals tore my feet straight off
My life would become as twisted as my car
My life
down the drain
My aspirations
Down the drain
Down the drain
My will to live
Slowly fading
An endless life.

Slipping into my shoes always gave me a sense of purpose. Though, it began to grow. It started with a one hour session, then two, then three. Then it became one day, to four, to six.
My life never stopped, just like the music directing me around. I tried my best. Injuries couldn’t hold me back. The doctor said I would heal remarkably fast. Even superhumanly fast. Colleges and academies came from across the globe to get me to dance for them.
This wasn’t a life I wanted, this wasn’t a life worth living.
Though, this mindset switched. One performance was all it took. After dancing my usual routine, I spotted a wide-eyed girl in the front row. I saw the same purpose I saw in myself. My whole attitude switched.
I danced to empower others, not to pity my own skill. As I faded out of my career, my memory started to fade. I wanted to remember my past life. Not the adult home, not the bingo. My feet still live on. In murals, and in minds of my fans.
I live my life with one regret. I didn’t realize my purpose until it was too late.
Middletown, New Jersey