by Pierce C., 13

April 19, 2040
1:27 AM

The ringing of the phone echoed through the empty precinct. It ceased with a click.

“911, what is your location?” the dispatcher said in her bored voice.

A man answered from the other end. “Hi, um, I…I…I, I need help” he said, stuttering wildly. “There’s this man outside, and he’s just, looking around, but he just looks, off.”

“Where are you right now?” the dispatcher asked.

The man replied quickly this time, and spoke clearly. “My house, 732 North Bridge Street,” he said.

The dispatcher typed the location into her computer and put on the virtual reality headset on her desk. It was a new technology being used by dispatchers, so they could see into the crime scene in real time. The system booted up and she was soon transported into the house. The images were really just geometric shapes created by several connected lines, but bad graphics were a small price to pay for a live simulation of any criminal activity. The dispatcher looked around and saw the caller, or at least the general outline of the caller, standing by a window. She moved over to him and continued talking to him.

“Ok, I can see you now. Where is the man you were describing?” she asked.

The caller looked around nervously. “He’s right outside my window! He’s just looking around at the house!”

The man he was describing came into view. He was tall, about 6’3,’ and his entire body was made out of red lines instead of blue in the simulation. (That feature was to help the dispatchers tell who the caller was and who was the threat.) The simulation suddenly zoomed in on the tall man’s hip and outlined a gun. The dispatcher’s view changed to a black screen with the words “threat identified” on them. She clicked more buttons on her computer and she was now in a bird’s eye view of the nearest police car. It was on a regular patrol.

“Mike, we have a possible 10-64 in progress, use caution, suspect is armed,” the dispatcher said.

The officer responded quickly: “10-4, en route.”

The car made a fast u-turn and turned on its siren. It careened down the road and her view changed back to the house.

“Ok, police are on their way, what is your name, sir?”

“I’m Ted,” the caller replied.

“Ok Ted, I’m Olivia, I’m going to stay on the line with y-” Olivia was cut off by Ted screaming. “What happened?” Olivia asked.

“I looked away for a minute and he’s gone!” Ted’s yelling was followed by the sound of a window breaking.

“Ted? Was that a window?” Olivia asked.

Ted was too scared to answer, so Olivia moved around in the simulation. She saw a shattered window in the foyer and some boot marks on the floor. She changed her view in VR back to the police car.

“Mike, what’s your 20?”

“10-17, 5 minutes out” Mike said over the radio.

Olivia started to feel nervous. “The perp is in the house, the caller is out in the open and defenseless. Hurry!” she yelled.

“10-4” said Mike.

Olivia returned to Ted. “Ted, do you have anything you can use to defend yourself?”

“Uh, y-yeah, there’s a knife in the kitchen,” he replied.

“I’m going to need you to go get the knife, the perp is in the house.”

“Ok,” Ted said shakily.

Olivia watched him go to the kitchen across the room and pick up a knife. Suddenly the sound of a car pulling into the driveway pierced the silence.

“Ted, is that the police?” Olivia asked.

“No, it’s my assistant” Ted responded.

Olivia saw the car now, and there was a man getting out.

“Ted!” Olivia yelled, “go get him!”

Ted rushed to the front door and opened it.

“Sir, what is wrong?” Ted’s assistant asked, but before Ted could respond the man who had broken in jumped out of the shadows, stabbed Ted’s assistant and pushed Ted to the ground.The fall shattered Ted’s phone and the line went dead. Olivia’s view returned to the birds eye view of Mike’s patrol car.

“Mike, the line went dead, I lost my view of the situation,” Olivia said, now audibly disturbed.

“Don’t worry Olivia, The AP900 series has access to all surveillance equipment throughout the city, I will simply get a new link to the house,” Mike responded in his enthusiastic voice.

Olivia hated that all the officers were replaced with androids, but they were fun to talk to and were almost always cheerful. She even named them all, there was John, Connor, Hank, Henry, Jim, Charles, Karen, Lucy, and of course, Mike.

“Connection secured!” said Mike.

The VR view changed back to the house, but now there were two bloody corpses in the foyer. It was impossible to identify them, but her money was on Ted and his assistant. Olivia would’ve started crying were it not for Mike suddenly bursting in the door of the house, along with their detective android, Connor. They walked around and Connor started investigating one of the corpses.

“Two bodies” he said. “Both male, mid 30’s. Stab wounds. One of the victims is an android. RK400, household assistant model. I estimate they died only a few short minutes before our arrival.”

Connor pulled a note off of one of their shirts. He read it aloud. “This note appears to read ‘Kill the androids! 6420 Falconer Street.’ That is the address of the police precinct, correct?”

Olivia now got nervous. She had no idea why the precinct address was on the note, but she had a feeling she would find out soon. Then, she heard a car pull into the parking lot outside, and then the main door being broken down.

April 20, 2040
6:15 AM

“What was the motive?” the human chief asked Connor.

“We believe the suspect was under the impression that all the employees were androids,” Connor said. “He seemed to have some sort of strong hate towards androids.”

“But enough to kill them?” the chief asked.

“Apparently so,” Connor replied in a monotone voice. “The victim this time was a human, Olivia Clausing. The killer broke into the call center and killed her, assuming that she was an android as well.”

“It’s a damn shame. Now I’ll actually have to have an android dispatcher.”

“Ironic,” said Connor. “The one human left on the force, replaced by an android because of a man who hated androids.”
Little Silver, New Jersey