waves against the ocean

by Lila C., 13

It seemed to hum in the distance. No. It wasn’t in the distance. It was surrounding me. I’m trying to think of an analogy to describe the feeling of everywhere. Something all around. It is every single space. In a hole in the ground. Everything is covered. Everything is there like it’s supposed to be. Perfection isn’t real but for this exact second, I question everything real in my life. I hear the water. I feel the water. I am the water. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I’m going crazy inside myself. On a rainy summer day, we overflow with water. More water. We are a waterfall. Now, read this slowly. Say this out loud to yourself and comprehend the meaning. I’ve discovered the meaning of life is to be something bigger than yourself. It’s all to improve. To get better and prepare for the future. What future? I don’t know. Waves crash above me but I am the waves themselves. The waves are loud and curious, urging you to come nearer. Urging you to say hello. But don’t fall into our trap. It’s too dangerous to understand. I am too dangerous. The water, us, we sway together. The small movement is just a fragment of the hollowness it feels to be lonely. Come nearer to the shore. Not farther, nearer. Closer. So close I can smell you. Taste your fear. We are the water, the waves, the oceans. Obey us. We are all Earth. We are Earth. Obey us. We control you as well. Obey us. We are love. Obey us. We are the masters. Obey us. Think. No, don’t think. We are nothing. We are streams and rivers. Surrounding you, swaying in the soft early light. The night has ended and leads way to the morning sky. Beautiful. Perfection. Perfection is real. I was wrong. Forgive me, goddess. Goddess in the clouds. We are water. Remember us. Do you know how to do that, love? Love? Answer me. Forget it. Goodnight.

Madison, Wisconsin