what a tuesday

by Paige L., 14

It was a Tuesday afternoon. I was in my tree house watching Harry Potter.

Suddenly, a hurricane came in. I was so scared. I immediately grabbed my laptop and snacks to escape, but my rope ladder had been blown away! I was in awe. How was I going to get down from here? The tree house was easily 15 feet off the ground.

I immediately went to find my phone, but I realized I must had forgotten it inside my house. I thought I could try to Facetime someone from my laptop so that they could help me find the ladder and get me down, but the WiFi didn’t work.

I was done … that was the only thing going through my head.

I decided I should try to wait the storm out. I had a semi-sturdy shelter, snacks, and games. I would be just fine.

Next thing I knew, a window was blown out from the fifty mile-per-hour winds!

I decided I must evacuate this place no matter what. I knew I had to jump. I prepared myself. 3 … 2 … 1 … I jumped! I suddenly realized I was flying and the wind was swirling me around! Of course, I was in another terrible situation.

I tried to dive into the ground, but somehow I ended up going even higher. Now, I thought back to Mr. Redmond’s science class and aerodynamics. (I had a test the next day in his class and I was hiding out in my tree house so I could avoid my parents.) I thought that if I went into a rock position, I would fall to the ground. I realized that I had been going north, towards a river. I had to do it now or never.

I quickly went into my rock position and plummeted to the ground. I ended up falling into a pile of trash (my luck). At least it broke my fall. I got up and wiped myself down, hoping that I would not feel any icky trash on my body. I was relieved that I was out of one big mess, just to find that I was in another one … I was lost!

I looked around, trying to identify where I was. Thankfully, a state trooper pulled up to the curb and asked why I was out in such terrible weather. I told him about my whole fiasco, and he agreed to take me home.

The state trooper asked me where I lived so I responded that I lived in Bradford. He gave me a weird stare and told me that was over thirty minutes away. I was amazed how far I traveled in such a short period of time!

Eventually, I reached home. I explained the fiasco to my family, took a shower, and went to bed.

What a Tuesday!

Middletown, New Jersey