what if … it’s okay … to wish

by the 7th & 8th grade AVID students at RBMS

What if this pandemic never happened?
(We all wish it didn’t)

What if we do whatever comes up in our minds?
What if we just do what we love?

What if there was no earth?
What if there was no tomorrow?

What if we left all our second thoughts?

What if people listened?
What if we could all just be kind?

What if we had a balanced life?

It’s okay to have fears
It’s okay if you are different
It’s okay to be yourself 
It’s okay to own yourself
It’s okay to be who you are 

Accept yourself 

Because no matter who is in your life
Only your opinion matters

People you meet might not continue your journey with you
But every person is there for a reason 
Some may be for a lesson 
Others for a blessing

My wish is to treat this place we live in right 
So we can live in peace
My wish is to finish one piece 

Why is it that when the story ends we begin to feel all of it?

Let me hold on for a bit longer

Red Bank, New Jersey