what if this was all a dream?

by Cindy F., 13

What if we are all dreaming and everything that we do isn’t real?
What if all of our problems will just be gone when we wake up?
What if everything that we ever wanted is gone when we wake up?
Would that include all of the good things too?
Like that one person in the dream that you have never talked to and just started talking to and grew a bond together over the months. Then you actually fell in love with that person and you felt so happy when you were around them.
It also has a bad side to it.
Having thoughts and feelings that make you sad every time you think of them and start to question many things.
What if I lose them?
What if we just stop talking?
That “what if” kills me every time
because it can mean and bring many different kinds of thoughts to my head.
Even though it only takes two words for this “what if.”

Red Bank, New Jersey