what if we all?

by Gustavo R., 13

What if we all
make a change in the world?
What if we all
become nicer to each other?
What if we all
stop judging other people?
What if we can make our generation
smarter than we are now
by making smarter decisions?

People can be nicer to one another
by helping each other with problems.
If people stopped judging other people,
helped each other, and
stopped making fun of other people’s actions,
society would be better than it is now.

What if we all
did something good that made us feel like we
accomplished something?

You could
help a friend in trouble.
You could
help people who are moving into a new house, or
help someone carry a heavy object.

It would be a feeling
that you can remember about yourself.
A moment when you felt good about something you’ve done.
We could all be happy and peaceful.

What if we all
stopped all these wars and fights going on in the world?

What if we all
just liked each other?