PWN teen writers share their favorite books, movies, TV shows, and more every Friday to inspire young writers. We believe that the best way to become a stronger writer is to immerse yourself in other storytelling forms.

This week, teen writer Adrianna Barazotti shares a favorite novel, podcast, and YouTuber. 

Why I Write
by Mary Gaitskill 
I recently read a short piece in this novel by Mary Gaitskill and I loved it! The entire book is titled Why I Write and the specific piece is “The Wolf in the Tall Grass.” In this piece, Gaitskill lists off the reasons why she writes. A quote that I loved was at the very end: “I feel sadness because much of what is in that bowl is sad. But because of that tender sadness, I also feel humility and joy and love. It’s strange because much of what I write about does not seem loving. But to write it makes me feel love.” I hope a lot of our followers and writers can relate to her reasons!
Podcast on Spotify
There is a podcast series run through QCODE which is available on Spotify. I personally like “Borrasca,” but there are other stories as well. It is a bit darker, but it is basically like you are listening to a movie. They give trigger warnings at the beginning of each episode, but for the most part it is teen-friendly! 
Leigh Ellexson
My the third recommendation is Leigh Ellexson! She has a YouTube channel and a fun Instagram account, along with her own website and patreon shop. She is a very chill artist and is very relaxing to watch/listen to. I highly recommend her!