PWN teen writers share their favorite books, movies, TV shows, and more every Friday to inspire young writers. We believe that the best way to become a stronger writer is to immerse yourself in other storytelling forms.

This week, teen writer Alex Lindgren shares three of her favorite reads.

One Crazy Summer
by Rita Williams-Garcia

I liked One Crazy Summer because it was also a historical book. The sisters interact with the social activist group known as the Black Panthers and they realize that they are fighting to stop the injustices that People of Color faced in the 60s and 70s. If you want to read simply a good book and learn a little history about important black activist leaders, this book is for you.  

What I Leave Behind
by Allison McGee 

What I Leave Behind follows a young man in New York City navigating life after his father commits suicide. He tries to distract himself in his work by walking, but his emotions ultimately catch up with him. This book is written in poetic style and each page is a new poem. I would recommend this book if you like reading poetry. It is a heartfelt and emotional story about grief and coming to terms with a new reality.

Finding Chika
by Mitch Albom 

Finding Chika is the true story of Mitch Albom and his process of adopting a girl from Haiti with a terminal brain tumor. He writes about the pair together and also about how Chika visited him in spirit after she passed. Mitch travels around the country to desperately find a cure for Chika. This memoir shows the likes of which one will go to help the ones they love. If you like stories with the theme family,  then you’ll love Finding Chika. Interestingly written and entertaining, Mitch Albom will show you the importance of family and the power of love in this memoir.