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This week, teen writer Nathaly Segura shares three of her favorite songs.

We Built This City
by Starship

An amazing taste of rock and roll, this song provokes nostalgia from a time you may never have experienced. This song is personal favorite, yet surprisingly ranked as one of the top 50 “awesomely worst songs in history.” This song is very different to the style the band was known for, which helps it stand out from their album (ironically called Greatest Hits). It’s creative lyrics and distinctive sound are sure to get you up and dancing.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World
by Tears for Fears

This song is the epitome of realizing what life is truly about. I found it interesting how it starts off as just another catchy synth-pop and rock song, but ends up drawing some thought-provoking connections between freedom and change. It mentions how “nothing ever lasts forever”, which emphasizes the importance of wanting to put your best foot forward and make the most of opportunities that come your way.

Take on Me
by A-ha 

This is another 80s classic that is known for being the band’s first released song that combined synth-pop with varied instrumentals. This song accurately portrays what it feels like to compete against time in the context of not wanting to let go. Very well crafted and uplifting to those in need of a serotonin boost. Definitely a great song that reminds people to live in the moment!